Google Log in Disabled

Can someone tell me why my dashboard keeps logging out and I get message that says “Google Log in Disabled”? I end up having to log in with the phone link and it will work for awhile until it logs out again.

For a while I used a custom user agent like the blue part of your screenshot says to work around the Google login thing, but I usually just login with my phone number now.

I had an issue on one of my tablets and was getting logged out and I ended up factory resetting and reinstalling things on the tablet as I couldn’t figure out what was causing it.

Thanks for the response. I will try resetting as a last resort. Hoping staff members will have some more input as to why I keep getting logged out. I seem to spend so much time fixing things such as this and devices dropping off etc. I’d like to spend more time working on scripts and improving my automations. I actually stepped away from it for about 3 months then started repairing everything when I had time during the holidays. Now I’m back to zigbee devices dropping off one by one!!

Hi @Robert_Figueroa thanks for sending a PM! If you don’t mind, I’ll respond here in the main thread so other people who find this topic can benefit from the discussion.

Google Login is disabled (by Google) if you attempt to login via a mobile app which uses a webview. It looks like you are using Fully Kiosk based on your screenshot and the message shown in the blue info box at the bottom.

Most people tend to link a secondary login type like a phone like you have. Since you are on Fully Kiosk Browser, you could manually change the User Agent to emulate an iPad or other supported browser/device and use Google login. Linking another login type is our primary recommendation though.

As to why you are getting logged out, there’s two common reasons that may or may not apply here. Fully Kiosk Browser does have a number of settings around data management that can cause login sessions to get cleared. Most of them are under the Web Auto Reload settings section in Fully Kiosk Browser and should be turned off. (Similarly, third party ‘app optimization’ apps can cause the data or cache on Fully Kiosk Browser to get cleared and should be disabled) The other common thing is making changes to your login accounts - for example, linking new login types or resetting your password can cause your existing login sessions to get invalidated.

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