Google Home - One Dashboard for everything

I have been searching and reading for two days now and can’t find a way to make one dashboard that displays and allows control of all my devices. Some are connected via Hubitat (I can see those in Sharp Tools) others connect directly to Google Home via Wifi and finally my all my Wyze Camera’s and sensors. This is becoming very frustrating to not find a single solution.

Does one exist and I haven’t found it or does it not exist?

Google and Wyze are closed ecosystems (‘walled gardens’).

What kind of wifi devices do you have connected to Google? Can you connect them directly to Hubitat?

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Thank you. I was hoping they talked to each other better but I guess I shouldn’t expect it. Everything does show up on my google home hub but you can’t customize it. I am an Android user with everything… no Apple stuff and no Alexa.

The wifi devices I have are not truly direct WiFi… they all go through some kind of app like Lightfy or Smart Life to be controlled by Google Home. They are WiFi but not sure if I can connect them directly to Hubitat.

Again - thank you for your comment… I will stop beating my head against the wall :slight_smile:

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Isn’t OSRAM shutting down the LIGHTFY cloud next year and recommending connecting their Zigbee devices directly to a hub? If so, I would think most of those could be integrated with Hubitat.