Google Home Intergration

Do you have any plans to link up to Google Home for devices that do not work with Smartthings?

Perhaps at some point, but it’s not high on our list right now as most connected IoT platforms will have direct support. If you are referring to Hubitat, they had a submission in with Google and were waiting for Google to approve it. :slight_smile: It looks like Google came back with a request for a few modifications which the Hubitat team is working on and then it will have to go through Google’s submission process again.

Thank you. I was mainly referring to products that don’t have smartthings integration and just work through either Google Home or Alexa.

Ah, thanks for the clarification. I thought you meant the ability to control devices which are paired to through Google Home voice commands.

Do you mean that you want to be able to control some specific devices which aren’t connected through SmartThings but are connected through Google Home? If so, which specific devices are you interested in as they would need to expose their own API that we could access directly?

So apparently I never responded to this. LOL I mean for items that only work with Google Assistant and not Smartthings. Basically, I have lots of bulbs and outlets that are Assistant compatible but you can’t get them into Smartthings so I can’t get them to show up on my dashboard to control.

Ah, ok. Google doesn’t have an API for us to directly take advantage of devices that connect into Google Home, so we would need to build our own connections for the devices. Which bulbs and outlets are they?

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Merkury Innovations (sold at Walmart), I don’t remember all of them off the top of my head. I just buy the cheap on sale ones as much as I can

Hm. Their website doesn’t have any mention of a public API which is needed in order to integrate with them. Is it their “Geeni” branded stuff that you are using?

Some searches seem to indicate that this might be rebranded Tuya SmartLife products which seems to have an API available.

Yes I believe it is Geeni. I have read about the Tuya thing too but I haven’t checked into it since I got it all working with Google Home and their regular app. Here is the link of one of the products:

Have you thought about creating virtual devices in Smartthings for each non-Smartthings device and then linking them together through either Stringify or IFTTT? Assuming your devices support either Stringify or IFTTT, that would allow you to control them through Smartthings. That’s what I did for my few smart non-Smartthings items that I wanted on my Sharptools dashboard. It did add another second or two to the delay, but it seems to be a good workaround.

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I have not. I have created some virtual switches before but never a virtual device. Time to get on Youtube and do some research.

It’s pretty straightforward once you see how the process will work. Let me know here if you have any questions and I could help you out.

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I want to be able to control Govee light strips with sharp tools. Is that possible?

@mr.best_556, I don’t have personal experience with Govee, but my quick research found the following possible options to bring Govee to SmartThings, and then that should allow you to use SharpTools with them via SmartThings. (You can create SmartThings account and location without having the physical hub.)