Google calender

Just wondering if I’m missing something obvious.

Trying to add my family calender, but I’m getting this error.

If I add a standard calendar it’s fine, but doesn’t show the family events.

Any help? Ta!

It seems that you are not using iCal url. Go to your google family calendar settings and copy secret iCal url to your tile and you are good to go. (I guess)

That’s right. @Darren you can find the step-by-step instructions from this article to get the iCal public url from your Google Calendar. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi people!

Er, following the instructions…

… There is no ‘secret address’ for the family cal.

But, here’s the same section of screen for the standard cal…

What am I missing?

It’s that “secret address in iCal format”…

EDIT: click the eye on the right in that row and it reveals you the right url to use.

The screenshot was @Darren’s individual (standard) calendar. It seems “Google Family Calendar” is a special calendar that combines several calendars and don’t support iCal format. I might have deleted My “Family” calendar before and I couldn’t find where to recreate it. (Looks like it is created automatically when Google Family is setup.) So I couldn’t verify further. :expressionless:
@Darren You may have to add each individual calendar from the “Family” calendar to SharpTools, and include multiple calendars in one Calendar Tile.

Or create another “standard” calendar and invite your family members to this calendar, so everyone can create their events in this calendar and be viewed in one Calendar Tile.

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Oh I see…sorry guys that I did not read @Darren 's post carefully enough. Could it be something with ownership or creator of that family calendar. I have created my own family calendar (like you suggested in the end) to google and it looks same as my private google calendar when it comes to the integration settings.

Cheers lads. =)

I’ll take another peek.