Google calendar questions

I set up a Google calendar, and have the agenda showing my personal calendar plus US holidays. At first, only one holiday was showing up, and it was ignoring the test task and event I added. This morning, the test event is showing up, but not the task. Not sure why or how it appeared over night, but it finally did.

But…I can’t click anything to get to my google calendar to view details, add a new event, etc. I have enable hyperlinks selected, but there aren’t any. So, a few questions:

1). Why are there not more events showing up? There should be at least a few upcoming holidays (if it shows x number of events)

2). Why are tasks not showing up? I use tasks and reminders much more than events.In fact, those are probably all I would ever really use, since “events” don’t really take place these days. :slight_smile:

3). How do I link back to my calendar so I can view/add/edit/delete events?

It looks promising, but not quite usable for me yet.



On a semi/non-related note, since calendars and news feeds were announced together… :smiley:

The news feed title needs to stay in place like the agenda title does, instead of scrolling away as the articles are scrolled.

Calendars are refreshed every 30 minutes if I remember correctly. That could explain why your test event didn’t show up immediately. But I don’t think Google includes tasks in their export.

That’s right. The calendar refreshes every 30mins for premium users and every 6hrs for free users, and will display the events in the coming 7days.

As @Chris_C mentioned, Google calendar iCal export doesn’t include tasks.

Can it display the next x number of events instead? Seems like that would be a lot more useful, at least for me.

Well… bummer. :slight_smile:

I think it can be confusing if the agenda only displays partial events for the certain day due to the number of event limit though.

Perhaps an option (for premium users) to extend the filter from 7 days to 14 days or 30 days might be useful?