Google Calendar bad response


So I logged into my dashboard on my monitor (running rasp pi 3b with android 9. I can see everything on my dashboard but my Google calendar. Going to my laptop, calendar looks fine. Is this going to be a browser issue? Attached an image of the error.

I’d hesitate to guess you’ve never logged in your Google credential on this device, so the embedded calendar tile couldn’t be displayed. Try to go to your Google Calendar in a web page on this device, login and come back and refresh the dashboard if it takes from the cached credential.

Just to clarify that it would need to be on the same browser that you’re attempting to view the dashboard in.

In other words, if you’re viewing the dashboard in Fully Kiosk Browser (FKB), then you would need to login to your Google Calendar from FKB.

You might have to change the user agent in Fully to allow the Google login

Settings // Advanced Web Settings // Fake User Agent

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