GoLinear Garage Controller and Hubitat

When I connect my garage controllers to ST.io it only accepts the contacts verses the garage door control. I am using the default Z-wave Garage Controller DH in Hubitat. Thoughts?

Do you see “door” status in the garage door device page in Hubitat? I have the same GoControl Linear Garage Controller, but connects to SmartThings using Z-Wave Garage Door Opener DH, and this is what it shows in the device page.

@Keo reported something similar with this device driver on HE. I’ve prioritized it for the sprint starting this week.

Don’t forget about the new device details page in SharpTools, James!

@Aaron_Ward can you share a screenshot of the device details page in SharpTools.io?

  1. Open your SharpTools.io user page
  2. Click the ... next to your Hubitat location
  3. Click on the desired device
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Yes it has both Garage door and door for DH capabilities.

@James @josh

Any ideas?

I have it prioritized in the sprint which we just started. :grin:

Just an update that we should have this included in the next release. :smiley:



Thank you!! Looking forward to when it releases!

@Aaron_Ward the latest SharpTools.io platform release includes an enhancement for properly recognizing Garage Door Control devices from Hubitat. (I noticed you had already liked that thread, but wanted to post an update here in case anyone was following the topic)

Let me know if this helps. :slight_smile:

It is working! Thank you so much for your work on this!


Hey Josh,

Sorry to bother you but my garage door is not working properly with Sharptools, it works fine if I press open or close in the device in Hubitat, but when I click the tile in Sharptools to open it will open but stop quickly, like a double press! Any suggestions are very welcome and thank you.

Edit, I use Garadget, not linear, sorry for hijacking