Glow Issues with a Dashboard Theme

I recently applied a theme to one of my dashboards. Just starting to play with these. Among the items on the dashboard are a number of smart bulbs and smart switches.

Prior to applying the theme, I had “Enable Glow” checked for both lights and switches. This was working fine. Since I applied the theme, I lost the “Enable Glow” option for the switches. The tile editor for the switches is now different in appearance from the bulbs. Instead of the “Enable Glow” check box, there is a dropdown control. I selected “Display Color as Icon Glow”; however, the switch icons do not glow when turned on as they did before applying the theme.


It sounds the tile’s layout was changed from “Switch Tile” to “Color Control Tile” or “Color Temperature Tile”, in which you see the “Display Color As” dropdown option instead of the “Enable Glow” checkbox. However, the glow should still work if t he “Icon Glow” option is selected. You man want to change the bulb’s color or temperature to see if the glowing color was happened to be the same or similar color as the tile color, so it looked liked it didn’t glow.
Here is an example of my tile using style and with the glowing blue effect in the middle as my bulb is set to blue color.


Thanks, James. That’s what it was. The switches apparently had their layout changed in the process of applying the theme. I set them back to switch tiles and the glow now works as it should!

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