Getting HSM to show RED when

So I have a question, using the Hubitat HSM setting on Sharptools, and when HSM is Armed, Disarmed or anything else it always stays grey. It dows show in Text that it is in its current status, and when unarmed it shows an unlock icon.

But I would like it to show RED when unarmed, OR even better RED when there is a warning.

Anyone know how to do this?

I tried the rule engine, and no luck.


Editing the default & active color should accomplish what you want


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so that works if I use individual tiles (one for each status) but the general “Safety monitor picker” does not change colors if I set them to.

With that being said, if there is an alert, neither of those icons will turn RED for example.

Currently the active color indication only applies to the individual HSM tiles (eg. Arm Away, Arm Home, Disarm)… it does not currently apply to the HSM “Picker” tile though we have noted the request to apply active colors to the HSM Picker tile.

Edit: I just took a look and the request is included in our current sprint. I’ll see if I can get it squeezed into an upcoming beta.


We don’t currently expose HSM Alerts (note that Hubitat doesn’t expose these as ‘states’ - just events). You might be able to put together a Rule Machine rule to tie the HSM Alert events to a virtual switch.

We’ve just pushed a change to beta which brings support for active coloring to the SHM / HSM Picker tiles:

The SHM / HSM picker tiles will become ‘active’ when the system is in one of the ‘Armed’ states (eg. Armed Away, Armed Home, Armed Night).

As with other tiles, you can apply colors to a dashboard and they will trickle down to all of the tiles and you can customize individual tiles to override the colors with your desired choices:


SHM / HSM Picker tile active state coloring was included in today’s release!

:link: Calendar Improvements, More Icons, and Other Enhancements!

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