Getting an email notice when HSM's alarm is triggered (Hubitat)

Using Hubitat Safety Monitor, is there a good way to get an email notification when the bugler alarm is triggered? The only method I’ve found is to trigger an email when the siren on my keypad device is activated by HSM. That works in that if the system is tripped, and sounds the siren, the email is also sent. However, if an intruder enters when HSM is in “away-armed” mode, they will immediately see a keypad beeping at them, but an email will not initally be sent. (Why would I want an email every time I arrive, and enter the code?)

If they do nothing, the alarm goes off and I get an email. But they could just smash the keypad with a crowbar, and the entire system would be rendered useless. The siren is silenced, and no email is sent. Unless I have it doing something else as well, this configuration essentially makes the entire setup dependent solely on the keypad, right by the door.

Any thoughts?

Hmm how about adding a Pushover device and configure the HSM to push an alert notification via Pushover (~$5 per device one time fee IIRC)? So it doesn’t depend on anything other than the HSM itself (and of course the internet and Pushover but that is the just the same as emailing).

You can set the alert delay here.

Well, Pushover might work for most people, but my phone is running a custom ROM. Pushover is incompatible with this platform. That’s why I’m trying to get email…because it is platform agnostic.

How about using adding a Virtual Siren in this case then? (See below for a community developed virtual siren device handler I found from my quick search.) So you will set the HSM to alert both this virtual siren and the siren on the keypad, and create rule to send email when this virtual siren alarm is changed to “siren”.

Don’t forget to make sure the virtual siren value is changed back after the alarm is cancelled so the virtual siren is ready to trigger another email if needed.

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So what prevents you for using webcore?

My lack of familiarity and skill. Haha!

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Oh, well that works. I hadn’t thought of that option. I just did this, and it seems to be working. The virtual siren triggers a sharp tools notification, as suggested.

Thank you!

That’s piece of cake. Install webcore to your hubitat and it opens a new world for you. I really can’t live without it anymore and all my notifications and automations run there. :grinning:

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I suppose it would be smart to do. In this use case, how would the email message processed? Do I assume correctly that I would connect it to an external SMTP server in some way? (If so, please tell me it doesn’t require SendMail V2. That isn’t working for me, no matter how hard I try.)

SMTP server is build in webcore (or if I got it right they buy it from somewhere). Anyway you do not need to do anything else than list receivers email address in your webcore piston(automation rule) and that’s it.
By the way… email is nice but you could use push notifications in Hubitat mobile app too. So if there’s HSM alert it would be probably quicker and cooler to get it to your mobile straight a way by building webcore piston and instead of using email → use device notification.

Ah, nice. Okay, so that might work, then.

Yes, but the Hubitat mobile app doesn’t work on my phone any better than Pushover. Which is strange, because most Android apps work perfectly for me. Maybe this is because those apps are trying to access sensors they shouldn’t be…