Geofence trigger question

I am using Samsung tracker and I want sharptools rules to trigger when geofence info changes. In the logs I see this: [{“id”:71119,“presence”:“present”}] and
[{“id”:71119,“presence”:“not present”}]

Under Sharptools what line do I enter for trigger variable? If I paste the whole line, the text box changes and says [object Object].

Hi @Ric_Lee, welcome to the community.

You should be able to use your tracker device as the trigger directly. See the screenshot below where I use “presence” as the attribute and “present” as the triggering state.

Or can you please post a screenshot of the tracker’s attribute options in the trigger setting if you don’t find it similar to the screenshot I attached? Thanks.

I do not have that presence attribute show up for Samsung Tracker.

Here is other half

smartthings logs

The ID will probably change for multiple geofenced locations, and hope sharptools can use it.

@Ric_Lee, thanks for the updates. It looks you may have to create a Virtual Switch in SmartThings, and create Automation in the new SmartThings mobile app to turn this Virtual Switch on/off when the tracker is entering or leaving a zone. Then use this Virtual Switch as the trigger in the Rule Engine for more advanced automation setup.

See the video made by @Justin_Newbury for how to create Virtual Switch in SmartThings.

Please note that the SmartThings app in the video is the “classic” app where you can create the virtual device, but you will need to create automation in the “new” app for the tracker.

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the virtual switched worked! Is there way to make google hub speech work with sharptools? I have it hubs speak but not listen.

I’m not sure I understand the question. What are you trying to accomplish?

I guess this was more question for service for using hubs - cast web api.

Josh, what off topic, what you think of this doorbell.