Genie Aladdin garage door

I installed a Genie WIFI garage door opener. It is controlled by the Aladdin connect app. I have got it to connect with smart things. However I can not find it in sharp tools. I have tried to associate within SmartThings under automations/sharp tools/refreshable devices. I select done and exit. I return and it is unchecked again. I can see it in SmartThings ide. It is labeled as a placeholder.

Hi George - welcome to the community and thanks for posting. If you’ve followed the steps to manually authorize the device in the SmartThings mobile app and then immediately check your SharpTools User page, does the device show up?

From your User Page, you can tap the ... next to a location to see which devices are authorized for that location.

Note that after you’ve done the manual authorization, if you proceed through the authorization process starting from your SharpTools User Page → Manage Connections, that can cause the device to become unauthorized again. So you’ll want to check after doing the manual authorization and before taking any other actions.

You are amazing!!! That solved the problem. My garage door is now included in my sharp tools menu.

Thank you so much for your quick response and clear instructions to solve the problem.



OK, so I have Genie Garage Door Opener as well … I can see it on Smartthings App but it’s not listed in the devices for Sharptools Approval. I looked on the IDE and it is a Place Holder … any idea how to get it to Sharptools?

Have you tried manually authorizing it as noted above?

:link: How To Authorize Unrecognized Things - #2 by josh

OK, so I found the answer shortly after I posted the question via your other articles you wrote … Thanks for your help. I’m new to this whole automation stuff but I’m working on it … One thing I have found out is that I am my own worst enemy. I’ll think I put in the correct device to do what I need it to do only to find out WRONG!! I put something else in or did not put in the right command. Anyways, this is part of the fun and learning. Thanks again!!

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