Garage Door Widget... reversed?


I have a GoControl Garage Door opener and I’m using the custom device handler from Rboy that adds switch capability. I added a toggle widget to the home screen via SharpTools, and while it works to open/close the garage door, the “status” of the widget “icon” is backwards. I.e. when smartthings reports the garage door status as closed, and the integral switch as off, the widget “icon” is “lit” for on. I’ve tried removing the widget, re-syncing sharptools with smartthings, and so on, but I can’t seem to change this behavior. Any ideas?


I was just playing around at and noticed there is an option to “invert active state” for things tiles. That doesn’t seem to be present in the android app or the widget settings, but that would fix my “issue”. I suppose its semantics or personal preference, but if “off” is “closed” according to smartthings, then I would like the widget to reflect that. Is there another way, or am I missing something?


As you’ve noted, the widgets on the SharpTools Android app highlight whenever a device is ‘active’ or ‘secure’.

One approach to achieve what you are looking for is to setup a custom widget using Tasker. The following article has some details on how you might go about doing this. (You could also extend the approach with one of many Tasker compatible custom widgets like KWGT or Zooper)


Understood. Thanks for the detailed reply!