Garage Door tile not updating properly

I recently switched out a virtual garage door from a DTH to an EDGE version. The new tile transitions fine from "closed to “opening” to “open” but gets stuck on “closing” although in SmartThings it reports as closed. I have to resync Smartthings with SharpTools to get the right status. If I switch the tile layout to “contact” it shows the contact as “closed”.



Which Virtual Garage Driver are you using?

This one:

Specifically chose this one for it’s “opening” and “closing” status, so I can statically assign “closed” and “open” to sync with the physical contact sensor, while “opening” and “closing” control the garage relay. Otherwise, I found it difficult to set the status to “close” if contact is closed w/o also triggering the garage relay to toggle.

My apologies - I should have been more clear. Do you have a link to the driver you’re using? A community thread or something of that nature? I wanted to take a closer look at it myself.

Forum post with more description.

EDGE Channel: Samsung account

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Any movement on this one? I realized I was wrong about one part, it also gets stuck on “opening”… I just never saw it much since our door is closed fairly soon after we park usually.


This is weird, I’ve long had an interest in this kind of thing, made some rules in Sharptools to emulate this and was put off using a virtual device because I never found one that could incorporate other sensors so easily.

That said, I just tried this and it works okay on my end. Closed, opening, open, closing, closed. Perfect.

I did need to play around with it to behave this way, probably because I didn’t get the logic. This light be what’s happening to you. For closing routine, do you have both “door” and “sensor” set? That makes it act funny.

I’m a bit stumped on how to actually control the door. If I tie it to the opening, like what the shown button controls, I feel it might interrupt with the flow or stop the door again…

Thanks, yes within SmartThings everything works fine and reports fine, it’s only the SharpTools tile that doesn’t update to match what SmartThings says.

Here’s what I have as routines in the SmartThings app, 4 different routines are needed:

Only two take actual actions “opening” and “closing” which activate the motor relay. “Door: Open” and “Door: Close” are simply status reports based on the contact.

I don’t remember why I have the 3 second wait, but must’ve been a reason :wink:

Maybe it’s the 3 second delay, it’s the only thing that has to do with the door setting to closed.

It’s a bit difficult for me, and the translation in my app is wrong to begin with. But in my settings, the closed contact, is linked to “contact = closed” on the door side.
You have “door = closed”, which for me would set the status to “closing”. The contact makes the closed status.

So try to change that one.

Yes I’m doing some testing right now and I think it was the 3 second delay.

Are you using the same EDGE driver?

When selecting your “IF” you should have these options for the Garage Door:

This allows explicit selection of the “status” so that when the garage door button is pressed it changes to “opening” or “closing” rather than just “open/close”.

Yes, using the same driver.

For opening the gate with the button, at this moment I set it this way:
If physical sensor is closed precondition
And Virtual garage door is opening

Then switch physical remote.

The issue would be, if I control the door in a rule or manually, the virtual door would go into opening and trigger the rule again and stop the gate. So it needs the precondition. There should be a “control” button to link a relay, without interfering with the statusses.

Yup the 3 second delay was the issue, and I don’t even remember why I put it there.:wink: Everything seems to work fine and SharpTools is updating correctly now (@josh you can stand down). Thanks @Sgt.Flippy_PJ for popping in and having me take a second look at the routines, I didn’t think of looking there.


Dang I spoke to soon, when using the physical controller the status gets stuck on “closing” but when I control it with SmartThings it seems OK… hmm… more troubleshooting needed.

@Sgt.Flippy_PJ, I had a similar issue with my last virtual DTH and had to use a virtual momentary switch which would activate the motor relay for only one direction, otherwise it would stop/start the motor whenever the contact sensor changed as well.

The precondition of my physical sensors seem to work, but I will need to see how it works before doing the rest of my gates. It can also be dangerous, because this was, when you need to stop the door halfway, it won’t respond to this button. I could get around by making a precondition with both sensors open… And my way wouldn’t work if you only have 1 sensor.

My motor only has 1 impuls, so can’t use a sense of direction on it.

But I’m liking this so far, can make my dashboards much cleaner.

And about it not working with the physical switch, can you try my suggestion of using only the contact sensor for closed status, instead of the door?

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@josh, sorry I thought it was fixed. So the weird thing is that if I use SmartThings to control the door, everything updates fine in ShartpTools as expected. But if I use the physical remote, then the tile in SharpTools gets stuck on “opening/closing” and never changes to “open” or “closed” although in SmartThings everything looks correct.

@Sgt.Flippy_PJ , YES that did the trick, both control with SmartThings and use with the physical remote now report the correct status on SharpTools :slight_smile:

Removing that second action to set the “door: closed” (I did the same for open) seems to do the trick. (OK @josh , I think for real this is fixed).


Try this combination of routines:

Open door
If Garage Door: Opening
Then: Turn on relay

Close Door
If Garage Door: Closing
Then: Turn on/off relay (doesn’t matter usually for a single impulse, mine is the same)

Door is closed
If Garage Contact is: closed
Then: Garage Door: Contact Sensor: closed

Door is open
If Garage Contact is: open
Then: Garage Door: Contact Sensor: open

Then this allows you to use the Virtual Garage Door button at any time (for example to stop in an emergency), and the status should be correct on both SmartThings and SharpTools.

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Will it still show the status of “opening” and “closing” like that? I assume only when you this switch, if I directly use the door controller or the radio controller, these statusses won’t show?

That would also no longer use my second sensor, which would be a bummer.

I requested a relay controller over on Smartthings :rofl:

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Correct “opening” and “closing” only show if using the virtual switch, however, it will show “open” and “close” properly even when I use the physical remote (radio controller) which is good enough for me.

I have the benefit of my garage controller (relay) reporting as “off” when the door is closed and “on” when it is open, so there could be some possibility of using that in the combination of routines to get the “opening” / “closing” status to report correct even with the physical remote, but for me it’s not so important if I use the physical remote to see that status - I really just see it as a “trigger” for the routines when automating the garage door.


@josh, OK so as life goes on I see what’s up.

The status reports fine in SharpTools, and control with SmartThings or the physical button. BUT, control from the SharpTools tile doesn’t work. The tile only has the open of changing from close/open, but in SmartThings it actually goes to “opening” or “closing” depending on the state (open/closed).

Because the state of “close” or “open” doesn’t have any action (no routines or rules that do something) nothing happens. Those are simply states for “fully” open or closed based on a contact sensor.

I can see that “opening” and “closing” are not exposed by the device driver as actions that can be set, so I’ll make a request to the developer of the driver to add these as actions that can be set to trigger the rules properly from third parties like SharpTools… unless I’m missing something that should correct the issue, yes?

Even if I eventually need to create a super tile (to set “open” as “opening” and “close” as “closing” as the actions), at least having the options exposed should work.