Garage Door Rule

I’m in the process of removing MyQ Lite for the SmartThings groovy EOL. I have a Zooz Zen 16 all setup along with a SmartThings multipurpose sensor on the door. I’m having trouble writing the logic to control the door like MyQ Lite did. It tried within SmartThings to make routines and I’m getting auto opens and closed based on if I used the physical buttons or the app. This means I’m missing something based on the status of either the Zen16, sensor, and/or virtual garage door switch. This is where I think SharpTools would be the better option.

Has anyone written a rule that accomplishes most of what MyQ does in SharpTools?

I basically use it to automate the door to ensure it’s closed at night, when we leave and open when my wife comes home.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This driver might help it was originally developed for combining sensors and a relay.


This worked great. Thanks again

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