Garage Door Locks No Longer Working

I’ve been having issues with connectivity, I think. I have two Kwikset 910 locks. I use an Rboy app to send codes to them, which isn’t working properly. I know this isn’t the Rboy community, but I’m just setting a little background. SmartThings still controls the locks, though. And so does SharpTools. However, I cannot get SharpTools to control my garage door openers. All my problems started about two weeks ago (and I think there was a Hub update about that time). I have two gocontrol garage door openers. I can control them from SmartThings. However, when I press lock or unlock in SharpTools, they don’t open or close (although the status changes as if it’s reading they are open or closed then in reality they haven’t changed). I have authorized them and unauthorized them to no avail. The strange thing is they appear twice in the listing: once under locks and also under contact sensors. I don’t recall them being under contract sensors when I first set up SharpTools. I removed SharpTools from SmartThings and started all over, but SharpTools still doesn’t control the doors openers. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Thanks for posting and sorry that things aren’t working as expected. Can you send me a list of your things using Support > Send Things?

That way I can take a look at the capabilities and the commands the device is reporting and which DTH it’s using.

I just sent it. However, I’m beginning to think it’s my Hub and not SharpTools. The last time I got a notification from the two garage door openers was the 15th. I’m going to reboot the Hub and do a Z-Wave repair to see if that helps (Rboy apps just suggested that for my locks problem).

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OK, turns out this is operator error. I copied the wrong DTH code into the SmartThings API. I copied locks code into the garage door controllers. Sheesh. Anyway, duh. Pure operator error on the garage doors. They now work. Thanks.

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Thanks for the update! Do you need me to look at anything else?

No. Not at this time. I still have issue with user codes in my door locks but that’s definitely not a SharpTools issue. Thanks.

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