Garage Door + Light with condition Smartthings Multisensor

I’m new on the forum, and pretty new on the Smartthings world, i use to have my home “smart” but dumb, so everything is on independent apps, so i decide to migrate to Smartthings.
I think i have done everything cool right now
My office door when it’s open after the sunset it turn on the lights, and if the tem is above 75 it turn the fan, so so far so good.
With the Smartthings i have a automation that says, if my Garage Sensor activate turn on the garage light, and if for 2 minutes doesn’t feel movement turn off the light, and if the garage door is open turn off the light
So far so good, however at night well it’s useless, and if it is day and the sensor “sense” me it turns the light again.

So i thought that with sharptools i can do something like this.

If the Garage sensor “sense” me activate the garage light, BUT if the garage door open during 6pm and 6am don’t turn it off, BUT if it is beetween 6am and 6pm yes turn it of ALSO if the Garage door is open beetween 6am and 6pm and the garage door “sense” me don’t turn the light, however is it is after the 6pm and the garage door is open keep the light on

Do i make my self clear? lol so hard to explain rules on a text.

Do you guys have any idea how to do that on Sharptools?

Thanks for the help !

Wow this is confusing. Till someone figures this out could you just use the front door?

Just kidding, I’m sure someone here will offer some suggestions. The devs and members are very helpful.

Hi @Federico_Grandoso welcome to the community. You will need two rules for this, and see below for the examples I came up with. The only concern I have is the timing between your garage door open and motion changed to active in the Rule 1. ex: when the garage door is opening and if the motion is detected immediately before the garage door completes the open process and reports “open” state, rule 1 will not turn on the light then. You will need to play with your garage door and motion sensor a bit to find out and may need to add a “delay” block (delay 3 seconds) and another If_condition in the “Else” path to check door status in rule 1 as needed.

Rule 1
Use motion to turn the light on unless it is 6am-6pm AND the garage door is open.

Rule 2
Based on the current time, turn On/Off light if the garage door changes to open.

Let me know if this helps.

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Hahahahha, yeah or don’t go to home lol ! hahaha @James send a really nice config, that i’m going to try right now.

Let me do that and i will get back to you ! Thanks for the quick response ! have a great night !

Well now i’m facing something different, so i use a Multiporpouse sensor on the garage to determine the position, not with the magnet but when i try to let the rule “know” the garage is open this happend

So, i think i’m stuck in here, do i need to switch it to a regular sensor?

Depending on the model of Multipurpose Sensor, some of them can be configured to act like a garage door and report open/closed status.

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Hi @josh that’s exactly how it is configured the sensor the thing is on the Sharptools does what the picture shows.

It’s been a while since I setup a multipurpose Sensor like that, so I can’t remember how it reports itself off the top of my head, but I thought it reported an open/close status on one of the attributes. I can give it a try when I’m back in the office.

Was your sensor reconfigured to act like a garage door sensor after it was authorized on SharpTools? If so, you might try reauthorizing it in SharpTools to make sure the system syncs over the latest device data:

  1. Open your User Page
  2. Tap Manage Connections
  3. Select SmartThings
  4. Follow the authorization prompts

Hi @josh
It was before last week, and today i just connect the Sharptools

Just wanted to give you an update that I was able to try this out and it does still seem to work. The one quirk being that you may need to use the SmartThings Classic app to change the setting.

After making the change, the existing contact attribute begins reporting the open/close status based on the position of the main physical sensor as if it was attached to a garage door (and as if the magnetic contact part doesn’t exist anymore).

You can try this out yourself if you’d like.

  1. Open the SmartThings Classic app and make sure the Multipurpose Sensor is configured to act like a Garage Door sensor as noted in the linked article.

    Note: I had to make this device setting change in the Classic app. The ‘new’ Samsung SmartThings app also offered the setting, but it didn’t do anything. Once I made the setting change in the Classic app, I was able to see the status update as expected in the device screen for the new app.

  2. When the sensor is oriented vertically, the contact attribute will report closed
  3. When the sensor is oriented horizontally, the contact attribute will report open

Imagine the sensor being attached to a panel on your garage door and the above states start to make sense.

  • When the garage door is closed, the garage door panels are vertical and thus the sensor being vertical indicates closed.
  • When the garage door is open (raised) the garage door panels start to become horizontal and thus the sensor reports open.

I’d recommend installing it on one of your upper garage door panels as those are the ones that start going horizontal first and return vertical last. That way you get the best accuracy you can as to whether the garage is fully closed.

Sensor is Vertical → Closed

Sensor is (semi) Horizontal → Open

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