Garage door control (in ST) not controlable in SharpTools?

I’m a newbie who plans to move fully into using SharpTools as my main smart home interface. I currently use Hubitat (for Zigbee devices) and the Smartthings app (for WiFi devices) - pending developments on the imminent move to a more Thread/Matter- based environment. (I plan to add a fully compatible Thread/Matter controller as soon as they become available.)

Through my Smartthings app, I can control my WiFi-based garage door controller (a Nexx), but when I look at bringing that device into SharpTools through “Manage Connections”, it’s nowhere to be seen…

Are garage door openers (or at least Nexx-branded ones) in ST not supported by SharpTools for some reason?

And if not (yet), is that likely to change when we move into the Thread/Matter world in a few weeks/months time?

Hi David-
It looks like you’re still on our legacy SmartThings connection which will be sunset soon with the Groovy shutdown. Our next-gen connection is available for new users and we expect to release our migration tools for users with existing legacy connections soon.

The legacy connection required you to authorize devices based on a list of capabilities. The new connection authorizes all devices.

I would be happy to add you to the beta so you can access the next-gen connection today if you’d like. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hijack @josh - but can I possibly get in on the next-gen as well? Current WebCore user in the process of porting my rules over, hoping to make sure nothing else gets broken in the process going forward :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hey Josh!
You’ve been so helpful to me as I’ve migrated from WebCoRE to SharpTools, and preparing for the Groovy EOL…

I have MyQ currently running. If you want more BETA testers, I’d be happy to help out. Just point me to the details…

Thanks again!

Thanks for the quick response. I’m in no big hurry, so if things will automatically switch over after Sept 30, I can just wait. Virtually all my current animations are in SharpTools already.

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern in any event, waiting for Thread devices and border routers to go on sale before I update/expand the automation I’ll be using SharpTools for.

On a related issue, though, do you know whether (e.g. after Matter is rolled out) SharpTools will be able to monitor and control Aqara devices (of which I’ve got a lot - mostly for a still-separate home security/monitoring system using an Aqara hub that I’d also like to centralize in one interface)?


We just pushed the migration tools live in production. If you refresh your SharpTools User Page, you should see a migration banner if you still have a legacy SmartThings connection (indicated by a legacy circle icon left of the location name):


This will walk you through the process of authorizing the next-generation connection, then will bring you back to the migration screen to migrate any dashboards, rules, or Super Tiles you might have with legacy-connection content in them.

The process requires you to manually authenticate using the new API and then guides you through an automatic migration flow.

It looks like you’re already on the next-generation connection, so you should be good-to-go. The new connection was released as the default for new SharpTools users just over a month ago. The migration only impacts people who had SmartThings connections setup prior to that date – either long-term SharpTools users or people who trialed things previously. :slight_smile:


Epic! This is great, thank you!

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Success! With my migration now done, I have no problem controlling my Nexx garage door via sharptools…

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@dave.blackwell I have a MyQ opener as well, but I don’t see them in the list of devices from SmartThings. How did you add it?