Fully - Reloading Start URL when Start URL is current

I’ve suddenly got a problem with one of my Fire tablets continually reloading the start url every 30 seconds.

I do have the “Auto Reload on Idle” set to 30 seconds so that if I walk away and leave the dashboard showing a sub page/dash, the weather feed or maybe the Sonos app on - it will return to the main “Home” dashboard rather than me having to navigate to it with the back key. However I also have the “Skip auto reload if showing the start URL” option enabled. Regardless it keeps reloading the same page.

I’ve exited fully, restarted the fire HD and let fully reload my dash on startup. Even if I do nothing it still reloads. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

What version of Fully Kiosk Browser are you running?

One of the older versions of FKB had an issue where it wouldn’t recognize when the browser was on the Start URL for modern web apps like SharpTools.

Edit: It looks like it was Fully Kiosk 1.39.1 and newer which resolved the issue mentioned immediately above.

I’m on the latest version for fire os. I downloaded and installed the latest version in an attempt to resolve the issue around an hour ago. I have two Fire HDs with the same version on and it’s only affecting one and I’ve been through and compared every settings option with the tablets sided by side.

Can you check the specific version number that you’re seeing reported as installed on each tablet?

Edit: You can also export the settings from Fully. So you could export the settings from both and compare the files or even export from the working one and import on the not-working one.

I would still recommend double checking the versions reported in the app though - I’ve seen crazier things happen than an app update not taking as expected. :slight_smile:

They’re both on 1.43.3-fire.

I cleared the cache and logged back in to Sharptools on the affected tablet but that made no difference.

I’ll maybe try exporting the settings, that’s a good idea. The only difference is the two tablets point to a different start url as the dashboards are room specific but I can change just that one thing afterwards.

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