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Using a new Fire10 tablet with Fully Kosky Browser and love how it works. Been trying to figure out a photo slideshow that’s easy to update. Anybody doing this with Fully? We have iPhones for phones and would love to push photos from our phone from iCloud, Amazon Photos, etc or something to have either Fully or another app on the Fire Tablet do pictures on a slideshow when the tablet falls asleep during the day, then have it go to sleep at night. When I try using like the Folder share from Amazon Photos or Google photos as the URL in Fully it just takes me to that website, not to a slideshow.

Has anyone been able to accomplish this? I was thinking it would be easier to accomplish with just Fully as otherwise if it’s another app that launches then you’d have to constantly go back to launching fully each time you wake it back up (maybe I’m wrong on that). Wanting to keep it as simple as possible for the fam where they don’t have to be switching apps. It’s nice having Ring etc launch from the dashboards and pop up and over then switch back after a minute for example. Not sure if there’s a rule that could be implemented like “upon wakeup, switch back to Fully”.

Thanks guys!

Check out dakboard.com. I use this. The free version is good enough.

Just create a dashboard and set it as your screensaver in Fully. It can pull photos from various places. I have it setup to pull photos from a dropbox folder.


In case anyone is looking for answers to this at some point, though I tried Dakboard and appreciate the suggestion I wanted a bit more control of things without a paid monthly subscription.

I’m using Fotoo on the Fire Tablet. We can just push pictures from our phones to a Google Drive folder that the app watches and we can custom set photo times, durations, transitions, zooms etc. Then Fully is set up to turn the slideshow off and go back to Fully when it senses motion walking past. So many ways to get pics to it whether Google Drive, SMB shares, Google Photos, Dropbox, Onedrive, etc. Works so slick.

Functionality of the Dashboards and having a Photo frame mounted on the wall!


I just download Fotoo for this reason. Curious on how you got Fully to use the Fotoo slideshow as the screensaver?

Found it if anyone is interested. Settings → Screensaver (Plus) → Bottom 2 Settings (Use another App & Select Screensaver app)

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I have a question. How do you get the slideshow started? I just get the fotoo app starting side

I have (or should I say HAD) the same problem getting Fotoo to work as the screensaver. The problem was that when you tapped the screen and went back to the browser, Fotoo was still running and the NEXT time it was invoked, it would go to its menu page! I pulled my hair out over this for a long time and then read somewhere in the FKS documentation that said the screensaver app HAS TO CLOSE when clicked on (which Fotoo doesn’t do). Darn!

But NOW when I look at the settings though, there’s new switch under Motion Detection that says “Exit Screensaver on Motion”! I don’t remember ever seeing this before and I now can’t find the statement in the docs that says this is a requirement. Maybe an update was just pushed out (play store says updated on Nov 6,2023)??? But anyway, Fotoo now works GREAT as a screensaver in FKS with this setting.

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Are there any news on this? I have the same problem, even if I have activated the “Exit Screensaver on Motion” function, the problem still occurs. Sometimes it works and my pictures show up, but often the Fotoo start page…