Fully Kiosk Image Distortion

I know this is not a Sharptools issue as it works on different device, but thought I’d ask the helpful souls here :grin:

I took a Fully / Chrome update on an old Acer tablet running Android 7 :flushed: and all of the button images are now distorted, such as Bulbs, Radiators, etc…

I’ve cleared everything in Chrome and tried to dig around on Fully and have changed some setting to clear cache etc but for the life of me can’t get it to work.

Anyone else had this issue and can provide pointers?

UPDATE : On Firefox on the Acer images are showing but aren’t scaling correctly and I have overlap over the tile text.

UPDATE 2 : OK uninstalled all Chrome updates and opened and it worked, obviously not a viable option, then installed Chrome updates and distortion reappeared…

UPDATE 3 : Went back to Chrome update 1st Sept 2021 on APK Mirror and now works, when I have a little more time will add later Chrome Versions and post at what point it breaks.