Fully Kiosk Browser wrong Time

Recently arrived summer time but in México this policy was cancelled, that caused some troubles with some browser and devices. In the case of Amazon Fire 10 with dashboard in Fully Kiosk browser the tablet has the RIGHT time but dashboard display 1 hour forward. I understand the dashboard takes the browser time, so my question is how can I set the Fully Kiosk time ? THANKS

I had issues with the time zone in similar situation. For my kindle I had to go to settings and then choose the timezone. If its off an hour, perhaps trying the next time zone until things catchup might be a temporary fix.


Update: So seems Fully kiosk has a time that does not apply to the current time in TZ central in México, and I do not know how to adjust it. Tablet time is Okey. So playing with Chatgpt I got the instructions to make a Custom Tile to display day of the week, date and time, I add it some touches, substract 1 hour to time and got a nice result, if any want the code please ask.