Fully Kiosk Browser Screen Off Issue

I have a slight issue with Fully Kiosk Browser. If I have it set to screen off (so it has a fully blacked-out screen), when triggered by motion, I have to refresh the screen or navigate out and back again for the screen to update. When using it in screensaver mode, everything’s fine.

Has anyone come across this, or any advice to resolve it?

Can you clarify what you mean by “navigate out and back again”?

I’m trying to understand if you mean you are killing the Fully Kiosk app completely… or perhaps just navigating from one dashboard to another… or something else altogether?

I suspect that if the screen goes completely off, the browser part of the Fully Kiosk App likely goes into a deeper sleep at some point… that would likely stop receiving event updates and refreshing your auth token if it’s in a deep enough sleep as the browser can effectively pause the ‘webapp’ completely. In theory, once the app wakes back up and the browser part wakes back up, the event updates and token refreshes would start again… though I suspect it may take a few seconds for it all to happen.

As such, I’m curious if after waking from a deep sleep if you wait 15-30 seconds, does it eventually reconnect and update the data on its own? I’m also curious if the Socket Disconnected message shows up at the bottom of the screen at any point during that?

So I have a tasker tile which destroys any open apps, Forcing Fully Kiosk Browser to start up again


If retriggered a short while later, it will take 5 or 6 seconds to update, animated icons also freeze during this period.

I’ve noticed it once or twice but not regularly

What do you mean if ‘retriggered a short while later’?

Am I understanding correctly that the issue resolves itself after a 5-6 seconds or at least after 15-30 seconds with no intervention on your part? Just that you can also force it to be resolved immediately by refreshing the page or killing and re-opening Tasker so you don’t have to wait?

I’ve managed to resolve my updating issue, thanks