Fully Kiosk Browser Running Slow

I’ve had a dashboard using FKB for a couple of months now and the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed it has been running really slow. Aboud 5 seconds of lag between pressing a tile and it activating. If I run my dashboard in a normal browser it runs just fine.

Any ideas?

Nevermind, easy fix. Fully Kiosk was outdated.


Good morning Robbie,
Can you explain yourself better?
I also use Fylly Kiosk and I have slowness problems (4 to 8 seconds to activate a SONOFF o a SHELLY1 light). What does it mean that FK is outdated? I chose it for unlocking with the camera, i have also payment version!!!
Thank you
Best regards

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What type of device do you have Fully Kiosk installed on? Make sure that the OS on your device is up to date (System Settings) as the updates often include browser updates that can significantly improve performance.

If it’s a Fire OS device, you can get the latest update by visiting the Fully Kiosk website and grabbing the version for Android/Fire from their download box (there used to be a separate version specifically for Fire OS, but it looks like they’ve combined them):


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I use 1.48 version, specific for FireOS
Device is also up to date!