Fully Kiosk Browser Login


Is there a way to automatically login to SharpTools from the Fully Kiosk Browser? Seems every 2 days I have to log back on from my wall mounted tablets. I’ve entered the username/password in Fully for my home/start URL which is my main dashboard but I still have to manaully enter my credentials.


What kind of device(s) are you running Fully Kiosk Browser on?

A number of people use Fully Kiosk Browser with SharpTools.io, including me, and this is the first I’ve heard of someone needing to login that frequently, so something definitely isn’t working as expected. Let’s see if we can get to the bottom of it.

Hi @josh

Running on a Fire HD8 tablet, more recent version that cannot be rooted. I know when I need to “reload” the page every 24-36 hours as the icons/weather/etc stop updating. As soon as I “pull down” to reload I’m prompted to login. Everything works again fine after this for another day or so.

Thanks for the additional details. Are you running the Fully Kiosk version specifically for Fire Tablets? It’s available in the ‘download box’ on the Fully Kiosk website:


Is there anything else running on the tablet? For example, was an installation script used? Or some sort of ‘optimization’ app? Or something else putting memory pressure on the device like TinyCam Pro?

I’m kind of shooting in the dark here as I haven’t seen this on any of my devices or seen any reports of this. It might also be worth reaching out to the Fully Kiosk developer to see if he has any suggestions.

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Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile: I just updated to the latest version, specifically for FireOS. I was running an older version downloaded from Google Play.

Will see how it works. Question, do I need my credentials for SharpTools in the Fully Web Content Settings? (there is a location for basic HTTP auth for username/password). I have my SharpTools account entered here.

You don’t need to input username and password in the Fully Web Content Settings. Once you login, the session should keep you logged in until you manually log out.

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I just purchased the fully kiosk browser for mr lenovo android tablet and I’ve had to login to SharpTools
twice today. How do i get this thing to restart without me having to manually login to sharp tools?

What settings have been adjusted in Fully? Make sure none of the settings for automatically clearing data are enabled.

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Oh, that might be it. Ill check it. Thanks.

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I have been coming up on this issue. It is happening every 1-2 days. I don’t see any data clearning settings enabled.

Here are my settings:

What kind of device is this on?

It is the Amazon Fire HD 10

Which generation? And has the device been customized at all (eg. side-loaded Google Play)?

For a normal Fire tablet device, you want to make sure you are running the version of Fully Kiosk Browser specifically for Fire OS that you can get directly from the Fully website.

You might try uninstalling Fully Kiosk completely, then installing the appropriate version for your device from the download link above and only configuring the absolute minimum settings to start with.

Fire HD 10 (9th Generation) Build 0021274103684

No side loaded Google Play – directly download APK for Fire OS. No other apps installed on the device.