Fully kiosk browser/actiontiles question

This is likely a question for a fully kiosk browser / actiontiles forum but I’m not on any and thinking someone else may have a similar issue.

I run fully kiosk with actiontiles and have a tab on there to open up TinyCam monitor. I know there’s setting within fully kiosk to regain focus after xxx amount of time. But is there any sort of way to use Sharptools to have fully regain focus after xxx amount of time with a motion sensor? I know it’s a big ask and likely impossible but I’m always surprised at the amount of things ST can do so figured I’d ask. :slight_smile:

If you also have a hub, you can run html requestor to send a html command to fully admin access to reload the page.
There might be other ways, but that’s the first to come to my mind.

I use Smartthings if that’s what you mean.
I had a feeling I could do something like that but no idea how. Do you happen to know by any chance? Automations like that are way over my head.


So I’ve just tried out the auto reload setting within fully kiosk browser and it won’t auto reload if another program is running over the top of it.
Tested this by setting it to auto reload after 20
Seconds and immediately opened up my tiny cam app from within my actiontiles tab, waited 20 seconds and it never auto reloaded or came back out of tiny cam app.

I’m sure there must be a way to do this though but need the help from someone who knows a lot more than me. :wink:

Anyone have a solution for this at all?
Thank you. :pray:

In Fully Kiosk under “Other settings”, there should be this option:
" * Consider Device in Use while Using Another App – don’t run features like screensaver, screen off, reload on idle when another app is in foreground or screen is off. For using screensaver with other apps check this FAQ."

So this should be off, if it’s on, it won’t reload to fully when another app is open.

Sorry for the late reply, on this page you can sift through all the options, it’s possible setting 1 thing, makes another not work or behave differently than you expect. So it’s smart to give it all a good read and check your settings.