Fullscreen Tile?

Is there a way to add a “Fullscreen” Tile to put it in full screen from the dashboard? I like fullscreen better that Kiosk mode because it hides all the browser stuff at the top.

Hi @kampto, are you using the Fully Kiosk Browser for your dashboard or something else?

I dont have “Fully Kiosk”. Just using chrome.
Opening dashboard in Kiosk mode from the dashboard list drops the Sharptools header but retains the browser tabs and address bar.
So I select “Fullscreen” from the editor pop up

You can try Add to Homescreen from Chrome on an Android device or Safari on an iOS device. Opening the app shortcut should remove the browser tabs and address bar.

Or if you are on a desktop, you can create a shortcut to open chrome in full screen mode. See below for example.

"C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --start-fullscreen

Add to Homescreen works on Chrome Desktop too…

  1. Navigate to your desired dashboard.
    • Optionally, open the dashboard in Kiosk Mode to remove the navigation elements within SharpTools
  2. In the top-right corner of Chrome, tap the ... button to open the menu > More Tools > Create Shortcut
  3. At the prompt to create the shortcut, check the box for Open as Window

Chrome will create app in your Start Menu and open it. While the ‘app’ is open, you can also right click on the icon in your task bar and pin the icon if you’d like.

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Yeah, that works in chrome desktop, just tested it. Its not true fullscreen because it has the sharptools banner at the top but its close. However in that mode I can’t exit from full screen. I was looking for a button on the dash to go to fullscreen, hit that button again to exit fullscreen (like esc does). Seems this might be a low priority feature request.
Edit, Add / Other / Fullscreen tile


I find adding to home screen in kiosk mode ?kioskmode=true, is the best way too do it like they state above but is anyone else having issues with when a pin is entered it jumps out of kiosk mode?