Frames for Tablets

I have been enjoying working with Sharptools. And at the same time I wanted to address some …, let’s say, … domestic tranquility issues on how this was going to look in the home my wife has so beautifully decorated. My other hobby is woodworking. My questions is this, does this seem like an idea that others would be interested in purchasing? I would really appreciate some feedback.



Yes! I have thought about picture frame like mounts instead of plastic mounts. I just haven’t taken the time and don’t have all the right tools to do so.
I’d love to have some quality wood frames like that from a skilled craftsman, it’s beautiful!


@BMedfly, that is a great looking frame! I’d probably be interested in the wood frame, especially the reclaimed wood style. But I will need it somehow easy to take the tablet out because I sometimes need to take it off for some testing. And I need to be able to access the power button too. Not sure how that is possible though, but just a thought. :thinking:


That looks great. Really nice work!

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I’m interested. What would pricing be through?