Foscam doorbell + homeypro

Hello, I have a question. I have a Foscam doorbell and I’m looking for an idea how to make it show an image on the iPad with sharpTools installed when motion or ringing is detected.

Does your camera have an integration with Homey where it exposes the motion or pushed / ringing events?

If it does, those events could be used to control a Kiosk Browser if the browser exposes some sort of API. Off the top of my head, I don’t know if any of the iPad OS kiosk browsers have this functionality, but it is available on Android devices through the app Fully Kiosk Browser.

Yes, it has integration with homey. I used to use an Android tablet and now I have an iPad and Android actually had this function. I wonder if I’ll find something similar in iOS. I understand that there is no way to do this in sharptool?
I was thinking about such a flow that when detected, open a given tab in sharptool and after 5 seconds return to the home page.

Not directly, no.

But if the “kiosk browser” app exposes an API, like Fully Kiosk does, you can use SharpTools rules to automate those actions within Fully Kiosk.

Internally, we’ve entertained the idea of exposing each dashboard viewing instance like a ‘device’ where you could send commands to change which dashboard is displayed.

I suspect most people are using existing solutions like Fully Kiosk which is why we haven’t seen more requests for this type of functionality.

I would also note that the idea / concept of controlling a dashboard viewing instance would be limited to navigating to other dashboards and maybe TTS. So your approach of loading a fast-switching to a different dashboard and then back after a period of time might be possible if there was ever enough interest for us to implement that feature directly.

I would note that Fully Kiosk is special in that it can also open apps on the device… or on Android / Fire OS devices, you can even automate ‘tapping’ notifications that come in which can be used to automatically open doorbell notifications to their live stream… then Fully Kiosk can bring itself back to the foreground after a period of time. That type of functionality would require a “kiosk browser” type of app with the appropriate functionality though.