Formating Time from device attribute

I have time data provided from a Home Assistant input_datetime entity. It’s in (hh:mm:ss) format. How do I convert this to (h:mm A) format? The rule returns the evaluation error below.

You’re missing a comma after the variable.

formatDate($PoolStartTime1, 'hh:mm A')

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formatDate() converts a date into a formatted string

It sounds like you first want to go the other direction and parse a formatted string into a date, so you would want to use the date() function.

You’ll want to use an appropriate format in each direction. It looks like your string might be in hh:mm:ss format. Note the double hh and double mm since each of these values appear to be 0 padded. Keep in mind that this will return a date which is output as a number of milliseconds (unix timestamp).

date("06:02:00", "hh:mm:ss")

⇒ 1680001320000

You could then format this back into your preferred date string using formatDate() using your desired output format:

dt = date("06:02:00", "hh:mm:ss")
formatDate(dt, "h:mm A")

⇒ “6:02 AM”

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Works perfectly! I see the flaw in my logic. Thanks much!