Flood of Network Activity when SmartThings Scene Runs

I am having a weird problem when my security lights scene runs. I have it set to run 20 minutes before sunset which has worked well for years but now what is happening on some nights the scene will run and all 20+ switches, plugs and outlets will start blinking on quickly turn off followed by a random delay and then all turn back on and off again over and over. The only way I have found to stop it is to reboot my SmartThings Hub. The reason I am posting this issue here is because today when it happened I checked the IDE and I saw " debug Event data successfully posted to SharpTools.io" occuring up to three times per second constantly. So that got me wondering if for some reason when my scene runs if something is happening that causes so much data to try and push to Sharptools that it floods the network resulting in what looks like a haunted house? Like I mentioned nothing has changed (no new smartapps or device handlers). Any thoughts on what could be going on?


Hi @Madpup, is there any “Virtual Switch” used to trigger the scenes/rules? Many users have reported in the SmartThings community that there appear to be a change made by SmartThings that virtual switches may quickly toggle, and change it to “Simulated Switch” was the suggested solution from the community.

Interesting. I do use Virtual Switches with automations to trigger all of my scenes and that is also what I then use on my SharpTools dashboards. I will see if I can change out the device handler on those and see if it helps. I did some searching on the SmartThings forums first but did not see anything. If you happen to come across a post and would not mind sharing I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Sorry I meant to include the ST discussion in my response, but was chasing my kids in the playground and hard to find it on my phone in the same time. :rofl:

Here is the discussion of the potential looping situation caused by Virtual Switches. ( A bit long, but a good read.)