Floating Save Button - Custom Tiles

This is minor but probably easy to implement.
It would be nice when editing your custom tiles to be able to have the update/save button more readily available to access. Some of my custom tiles are quite long so you have to scroll way down to save and then scroll way back up to continue editing.
I’m guessing that custom tiles aren’t meant to contain too much html but for those of us that break the rules :slight_smile: it would be helpful.

I agree this would be helpful! :smiley:

My custom tiles end up being long too. I usually end up putting my editor into fullscreen mode just to make it easier to scroll through my code while frequently previewing my changes and that lacks a save button as well.

I should probably also add a ⌘ Cmd + S / Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut since my muscle memory keeps doing that each time I make changes! :grinning:

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