Flic button HTTP Integration

I might sound like a real idiot here for not finding out sooner, but I’m so stoked I found out how this works, I simply had to share this to everyone.

I control my garage doors and gate with Smartthings, biggest issue I had, was a suitable button inside my car to control them from a distance. So I had Flic buttons, which are bluetooth and without a hub, don’t connect to Smartthings. So I had some scenes and virtual switches and let the button ask Alexa kindly to activate it all. At some point this took about 4 app hops to get things done (Flic, Alexa, Smartthings, garage door app).

But now I discovered HTTP requests. Holy shit, now I just need to create a trigger HTTP, link it to a button press in the Flic app and… I’m done! I feel so stupid not knowing about this earlier!

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There are some really neat ‘power user’ type features like HTTP Triggers, HTTP Actions, and Context Variables! The sky is the limit when you start playing with those features. :slight_smile:

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I’d love more details on how to set this up if you have any instructions or links youd be willing to provide.

Here’s their website:

The button itself is bluetooth, it says it’s compatible with Smartthings, but only through their bluetooth to wifi hub. Which wouldn’t work for me, since I want to use them in my cars.
You can also connect the buttons to your phone’s bluetooth and through their app set up a lot of actions, including http requests. And thus trigger a Sharptools rule.

The button accepts multiple devices as well, which all can have different actions set. So the button also connects to my wife’s phone, whichever is closest, and run different actions.

You can setup actions for 1 press, double press and hold. They’re a bit expensive, but there aren’t many alternatives out that I found. For me this is the best option I could find, it’s a button that works from anywhere, so I can press it 2 blocks from home and the garage doors open.

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So am I understanding right that Flic doesn’t have a native HTTP action, but they do have an Alexa action and you’ve used that to ultimately call SmartThings → SharpTools?
Nevermind, it looks like your updated post indicates they support HTTP through their app!



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That’s how I did it before I knew about http requests. Much easier now and always better to skip a service :grin:

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