FKB motion sensor trigger

I am quite new in home automation and I am trying to use Fully Kiosk Browser( running on Fire Tablet 8) as a motion sensor. But when I go to rule engine and try to add trigger event selecting fully kiosk browser device, it only shows volume as a trigger event. Nothing else! How can I use motion as a trigger for fully kiosk browser?

FYI, I have added fully kiosk browser DTH and also add a device in smartthings.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

If this is the SmartThings DTH you are using, is not developer supported and did not have capability “MotionSensor” enabled.

The Hubitat DTH version does support this feature and works with SharpTools.

If you are just attempting to have the device wake up using FKB directly, you need to enable that in the settings.

On the Fire8 you need to use the screensaver to on/off the screen since turning the actual screen off with Amazon devices does not allow for FKB turn the screen back on.

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Thank you for quick reply. so much appreciated. I actually have used the DTH that you mentioned

but still having the same issue. pls see the attached screenshot.

I can only see alarm and volume as a trigger in the sharptools rule engine. Please advise if I am missing anything ( I also enabled the motion option in the FKB).

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. That DTH is not supported on SmartThings and will not operate as a motion sensor, so the two capabilities you see are the only ones available.

SmartThings has decided to stop using Groovy (the DTH you have) and moved to a solution called EDGE that requires all drivers to be rewritten/redeveloped. A lot of the community developers abandoned SmartThings and moved over to a different platform Hubitat. Until someone builds a SmartThing EDGE driver for FKB there probably is no option for you at this time.

I see. thanks for the clarifications.

If you really want to control FKB, it is possible to operate both SmartThings and Hubitat hubs with control from SharpTools at no extra charge.

The two platforms have pros & cons. The Hubitat hub has a taller learning curve, but is much faster for local automation and has more active community developer projects. The SmartThings hub has better mobile applications and cloud integrations. A Hubitat hub runs about $140US.

Note: There are other community projects (HubConnect) that mesh the two hubs outside of SharpTools, but probably will be obsolete when SmartThings dumps Groovy