[Fixed] Tile glowing missing?

I’m not seeing icons that are “on” glowing anymore like they were yesterday. Was this something that I inadvertently changed or a feature that was turned off at the server level?

I’m seeing same issue… Lights aren’t showing as glowing or showing as on.

It looks like today’s deployment dropped the glowing on some devices. An update was put in place to add glowing for old iOS devices and it looks like it has impacted other devices. We’ll get a hotfix out shortly to bring this back. Thanks for reporting. :grinning:

Can you clarify what you mean by not showing as on? I’m still seeing the active background color for devices that are on. It’s just the glowing that I see is missing.

Glowing should be back if you refresh the page. Thanks again for reporting. :smiley:



Yup…working now. THANKS!!!

P.S. a patio hot tub??? Bow-chica-bow-wow (with cheesy porno music). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hello Josh,

Unfortunately I still have problems with one tile, the water valve, I had the tile gray color if it was ON (normal, it’s the main valve) and orange if it was OFF, I had to change it to gray in both states because it was staying orange all the time, I tried now to see if it was fixed and still doing the same error. Any suggestions will be very welcome. Thanks.

Is that a Hero Attribute Tile template? The Hero Attribute Tiles don’t support the active coloring at the moment.

That being said, yesterday’s update did include some enhancements around identifying valve devices for Hubitat users (specifically based on your feedback from the other thread). You might try swapping it back to the normal Thing template and see if that works for you now.

Nop, not working without hero neither.

If I select invert active state it will change to orange all the time.

It was working with hero until about 2 days ago.

Can you send me a screenshot of the device details?

From your user page, tap the ... next to your desired location and then click on the valve in the list.

I’ll run a test tomorrow. The device should get recognized as a Valve rather than a Switch now. And it will try to use the contact attribute to determine active status if it is available otherwise it will fall back to valve. I’ll double check the “is active” logic for the valve. :smiley:

PS. When you switched it back to a normal Thing template, if you remove the icon override, it should show a water drop by default for the valve.

Yes, it did. I will change something and reply you. I think I choosen the valve in the wrong device section.

Edit: same problem after test, but I see now the tile with hero will say open and close instead on and off. :sweat:

We will get you taken care of! I’m away from a PC, but will take a look the next chance I get.


Yup…all good…thanks for the quick fix!!

@vjv The ‘active’ status for valves should be fixed in the latest platform release. You can find more details on the release here: