Fire tablet stops updating tile

I have 4 Fire tablets (3 brand new).

I am running Fully Kisok on all of them and this has been stable for the last couple weeks.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before, while commands still worked when I pushed a tile the color of the tile never updated status.

It seems strange that they would all start behaving like this at the same time if it was the setup on the tablet?

Closing the Fully Kiosk app and reopening it seems to fix this.

Is there some sort of permanent fix for this?..

UPDATE - They worked for a bit today and all stop updating the color or the status of tiles again!

Can you share more details about your setup? What type of tiles is this on? You mentioned that the color of the tile doesn’t update anymore – is this using regular style configurations on the tile based on the state of the device? And does the associated status show the update on the tile?

For example, if it’s on a switch tile, do you see the status in the bottom-right corner of the tile change from on to off when the colors stop updating?

Am I understanding correctly that this worked fine for several weeks and just started within the past few days?

Can you think of anything else that might have changed recently? For example, did the Fire OS on the tablets update? Or have the dashboards been tweaked recently or any updates to devices or anything else you can think of?

We haven’t pushed any updates to the platform during this period of time (thanks Disney World!), so the timing does seem quite odd for it to occur simultaneously across multiple devices.

Josh thx…

These are thing tiles that are semitransparent when say… a lock is locked… and then while still fairly transparent turn red when unlocking. But none of the tiles were updating/changing from visual perspective. I’m just using the lock as an example.

They still worked when touched though.

Yes, it worked for several weeks with no issues at all. It didn’t matter if I physically unlocked the lock, unlocked it directly from Hubitat, or used the tablet…none of those things were changing the tile visibly. Ones that were red stayed red… ones that were clear stayed clear.

I paid no attention to the OS and have no idea if it updated. But the one by the front door is probably at least 4 years old and the other three are brand new. It happened on all of them.

After it happened again yesterday, and I shut down the Kiosk app and restarted it…they have been fine since. I have worked on a couple more dashboards for things like battery levels, but not the main/top screen. If it happens again…I’ll take a better look at things instead of just booting the app.