Fire HD - Page Load Speed Woes :-(

Apologies as I know there have been a number of discussions regarding the speed of devices. I have Fire HD 10s in use - 2 of them are 9th generation and 1 is 10th generation, all use Fully Kiosk.

I realise that the Fire HD is a budget tablet but the speed in switching between dashboards is horrific - sometimes 3-5 seconds even on the 10th generation one. Operating devices via the switch tiles is near instant, just the page switching that is awful. I’ve just logged into one of my dashboards on a relatives iPad and the pages switch instantly. I can’t believe that this is normal and I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to improve the speed as it I’m pretty sure it has deteriorated over time (or I wouldn’t have bought the 10th gen one)

I’ve added Google Account Manager, Google Services Framework, Google Play Services and Google Play Store to all of the Fire HDs in order to get a couple of apps I needed. I’m using the Fire HD specific version of Fully Kiosk Browser. Is there anything I can do to diagnose the issue or improve the performance? I did consider iPads but it’s a large chunk of cash as I’m still wanting another couple of tablets on top of the existing 3 and there’s likely various bits of my setup that won’t work the same in iOS as in Android. Any advice would be appreciated.

Edit: Exiting Fully and opening the page directly with Silk browser brings a noticeable improvement.

Hi @John_Williamson, can you take a video and send it to, or include the link to the video in the email if the video size is too big, and let us know the URL to the dashboard so we can help take a look.

In general, we don’t recommend side loading the Google Store and Services, as many have reported degraded performance over time. And the other tip is to reduce the total number of tiles in the dashboards by combing multiple space tiles into fewer larger space tiles.

P.s. I have 2021 version Fire HD 10 Plus and the navigation between dashboards is about 1.5 - 2 seconds.

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Hi James, thanks for the speedy response - I’m not actually sure how to get a video of it as I only use the Fire HDs for SharpTools.

The issue is on all of the dashboards. I have 3 “Home” dashboards - one each for Lounge, Kitchen and Dining Room. On each of those are links to common dashboards for Lights, Curtains and Heating. It doesn’t make a difference which I use, the performance seems to be the same. As stated dropping out of Fully and using Silk makes a big difference. I’d already read the advice regarding the spacer tiles and had made that change some time ago. I thought it may be my camera feed slowing it so I temporarily deleted that but the speed did not improve.

If you’re seeing 1.5 - 2 seconds on yours, I’m maybe expecting too much (it was less than 0.5 secs on the iPad) and will have to purchase something better and scrap the Fire HDs. I’ll try deleting the Google stuff as I think I only need the Sonos app and that was available on the Fire store.

OK so I’ve uninstalled the four Google apps that were side loaded and rebooted the device. If I put it side by side with one of the other two tablets and touch the same page tile simultaneously on each, a page change is now twice as fast on the one without Google :-). I think that’ll be fast enough to save severe damage to my bank account!

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