Fire hd 8 with Sonos

Hey guys has anyone had issues with the new Sonos s2 app on the fire HD 8 tablet? Not an issue with sharptools at all, it works beautifully, just an issue where the new S2 app won’t run on fire tablet. Mines is probably 3 years old. I have a tile for Sonos in sharptools that used to open the app which was super handy. Now the same app won’t wor any more. Time to buy a new fire tablet for my sharptools dashboard?

What URL are you using to open the Sonos S2 app?

Keep in mind that the ‘intent URL’ changed if you were using that approach:

Does the Sonos S2 app open when you open it directly from the Fire Tablet home screen?

Hey Josh,

Thanks for the reply! It ended up being that I had updated my Sonos devices to S2 and my 7th gen fire HD could not run the S2 app.

Purchased an 8th gen fire hd and had no issues.