Fire HD 8 sizing recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for a Fire HD 8 latest gen using Fully. Everything I do so far cuts the right hand tiles off about 1/5 in from the side. Thanks.

I’m running two HD6 8’s now. Neither exhibits the problem you mention.

One of my HD 8’s uses scalable sizing. You should not have a problem with this scheme.

The other HD 8’s uses reflowzble sizeing. I use a tile size of 100 px, with 1 px gutters. Total width is 9 tiles, and total height is 6 tiles.

Thanks @Stan_Silverman. Are you using fully kiosk browser? Here are some screen shots of what I see:

I tried the settings you recommended and this is what I get:

I have tried experimenting with scaleable. All of them seem to bleed off the edge or leave large margins on the right. Ideally I would like the margins to be uniform around the screen.

Have you double checked various settings in Fully Kiosk Browser (FKB) to make sure something didn’t accidentally get enabled? It almost seems like the browser is partially zoomed in.

Fully Kiosk has a ton of settings which is really neat, but I generally recommend only tweaking the bare minimum settings… which can be hard to do when you first get FKB and feel like a kid in a candy store with all the levers and knobs to turn! :rofl:

If a number of settings have been tweaked, you might even consder using the Fully Kiosk Settings → Other Settings → Reset Settings to get things back to a clean start.

Similarly, if you use Custom CSS, you might double check that there isn’t a style that’s causing the zooming. As a troubleshooting step, you might deselecting the Theme in your dashboard settings, saving, and then refreshing the page.

Ok, Enable Zoom was on in the Web Zoom and Scaling Menu. This was a clean setup so I am guessing this is on by default. Also, there was another option for wide view port that was set on. Not sure what that is but I turned it off as well. I will have to go through all of the settings to check. Sorry for the wild goose chase. Thanks for the replies.

Thanks for sharing your findings! I believe Enable Zoom and Use Wide Viewport are both enabled by default.

From what I can tell, if you pinch to zoom in on a page (while Enable Zoom is flipped on), Fully will remember your zoom level even if you navigate to different pages, refresh the page, etc. It looks like it will reset the zoom when you completely exit Fully using the left side menu in the Fully app.

So if you don’t want to be able to pinch to zoom the browser, it’s probably best to disable the Enable Zoom option as you did.

Thanks again for sharing your findings! :smiley: