Fire HD 8, Fully and Tinycampro web server crashing?

I am using Tinycampro with its web server running and have created a few media files to display my security cameras.

Have setup the files to refresh every 15 seconds. Issue i seem to be having is that the webserver stops working after some random number of seconds.

Basically I can watch live video for a bit on the tiles, then it just stops. The “webserver” icon on my tablet dissappears.

If I swipe from the left and refresh the URL, it starts working again for a few seconds, then stops. Sometimes the web server itself stops working, and when I exit Fully the tinycampro notification icon pops back up and it’s working again for a few seconds after I reopen Fully.

Is anyone successfully using the Tinycampro web server functionality to stream from their security cams without it stopping? There doesn’t seem to be any other way to stream from my Hikvision cameras other than using Tinycampro’s webserver functionality.


@S_D, have you tried running TinyCam on another device? It can be resource intensive when running multiple cameras and we’ve seem many used a dedicated device to host TinyCam for a more stable setup. TinyCam developer recommends to use Nvidia Shield as the dedicated web server.

Hmmm…that’s unfortunate. Will try with 2 cameras vs the 4 i have set up.

Another weird issue, I uninstalled Fully from my amazon tablet. Then tried to reinstall the newer FireOS version. When I click on the view dashboard URL, it asks me to login.

However, the Google icon is greyed out and it says I have to link the account which I can’t figure out how to do as there doesn’t appear to be a link email address option when I go to my user page on chrome for my Fire tablet.

If I try to sign in using my gmail address, it tells me no such user exists?

If the Link Email or Link Phone options are missing from your user profile, that means those login types are already linked. I’ll send you a PM with more details.

Edit: Also note that if you are on a Fire Tablet, the Why is Google login disabled? pop up also provides some tips on enabling Google login if you prefer to go that route:

Hello Fully Kiosk User! You can change the user agent in Settings → Advanced Web Settings → User Agent to work around this requirement.

Our recommendation is to use a phone / email login on Fire tablets, but changing the user agent is always an option for you as well if you prefer Google login.

I tried to run TinyCam Pro Web Server on one of my 3 Fire HD 8, SharpTools wall panels. The Fire HD couldn’t handle the burden of streaming to all 3 panels. I instead purchased an NVIDIA Shield + 256G MicroSD to use exclusively to host TinyCam Pro and Web Server. It solved the issue and now all three of my Fire HDs display my 4 Wyze Cam video streams flawlessly. (


Thanks, yes, 2 seems to be the max. I don’t have a Shield, I do have a Xiaomi MiBox S or whatever, not sure if it’s’ more powerful than the Tablet (or if it stays always on for that matter).

Will also maybe look into a dedicated Raspberry Pi which I’ve always wanted to buy for no apparent reason. Might use it for this and as an OpenVPN server. Hmm.

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Hi my friend, did your Xiaomi MiBox S work fine as a server for Web Monitoring with TinyCam Pro ? Which was your experience? NVidiaShield is a really high price device only to be a server (at least for me). I will integrate my Wyze Cams v3 to our Sharptools dashboards via URL and Im planning the way. Thanks for share!

I ended up buying a Shield and have to say it works marvelously for that and of course streaming. But yes, overkill.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S worked as well, if I recall I had to limit the number of cameras though and couldn’t put 7 through it.

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Great my friend, then do you think Xiaomi Mi Box S could work fine enough just for 1-2 cameras, just need for living room and front yard ? Thanks !

For sure for 1 - 2 cameras. Any cheap Android box should work actually, if dedicated to that. I used a Beelink MKIII or something like that for ages as a dedicated web server until the power finally died on it a few months ago and I bought a used Shield.