Fire 8HD 6 columns/4 1x tiles doesn't fit right

Hello. New to Sharptools. I’m setting up my Fire 8HD to control smart home devices my currently layout is, 6 columns wide, 4 1x rows height. The problem is, on my tablet, the bottom tiles are cut off at the bottom. I’ve tried about everything I can find, removing borders, changing to “reflowing” and fiddling with those numbers, but that only gives me a situation where the 6 columns don’t fill the tablet screen across. I am using Fully Kiosk Browser and I was wondering if there is some setting I’m missing to better control the tile sizes.

If it’s just not possible, I wonder if it would be possible in a future release to give us another sizing approach that would allow us to just select our tile sizes by custom pixel size? I’m sure that introduces some problems on the backend, however it would give people the opportunity to fit tiles perfectly to their screen. Thanks.

Hi @nbtc971 welcome to the community. You do have the option to specify the tile size in pixel when using ‘reflowing’ option in the dashboard configuration.

So you can play with it and find the optimal tile width in your case. But as you would expect, if the same dashboard is opened on a different device with different resolution, the tiles may flow automatically to best fit the display size while maintaining the specified tile size.

I would note that the pixel size is not exact though. There’s still minor adjustments that are made to make sure the tiles fit the width of the screen.

You might also note that in James’ screenshot, the Advanced toggle is flipped on and this gives him access to adjust the Tile Space (Gutter) size. This can sometimes be helpful in tweaking things.

That being said, you’re likely going to find that certain column widths fundamentally will make the height not fit perfectly. You can hack around this with Custom CSS to force the width of the dashboard to be smaller than the full screen size, but that comes with a tradeoff as well.

On my 2020 Fire HD 8, using 8 columns wide (with the default gutter size) results in 5 columns high.

Keep in mind that you can make creative use of dimensions with tiles to achieve some really neat results too. For example, here’s that same 8 wide by 5 tall with some tiles that spread across different dimensions:

I used the custom tile size, in pixels, in conjunction with reflow, but it doesn’t really work like you’d, or at least not like I’d, expect. Also, did the gutter size stuff, didn’t really get me where I want to go. The closes I could get, with 4 row height, would cause the width to be not wide enough, not filling the screen on the right.

I see you have some success with 8x5 but I’m pretty happy with my layout, but I might give it a shot and see, however, it’s really more info than I need on the screen at this time. Guess I could have really big buttons for the blind or something…