Fire 10 HD Refurb on Amazon

Amazon sell the 7th Generation FIre 10 HD for $70 as a certified refurb. This is nice price compared to the current generation, but is it enough for SharpTools? Should I shell out the extra?

I use 7th gen Fire10 as my main wall mounted dashboard and it runs fine. This price is indeed pretty decent with the dock included.

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Just to add to what @James said, I also used that model at one point and it was sufficient.

That being said, Prime Day is just a few days away and Amazon usually discounts their Fire tablets with the 10" models frequently getting down to $99.

The newer models have better CPUs (faster and 8-core instead of 4-core), better GPUs, and a newer OS… so it might be worth getting the newer model to give yourself even more runway with how long it will last you (assuming it gets discounted during Prime Day).