Finally dd it and pulled the trigger

Was in really early and even as an early adopter and beta tester. That said, I finally just paid. Would have before as this has always been a great platform. But my biggest drawback was local control. Hopefully with all the great improvements, that is in the pipelne somewhere.

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Thanks for your support @Mark_Godfrey!

If I remember correctly, you use SmartThings, right? Unfortunately, they haven’t exposed much that runs ‘local’ at the moment - mainly just the built-in Smart Lighting app. While I think they’ll move more automations local, they haven’t shown a lot of interest in moving APIs local so I’d definitely voice your opinion to the SmartThings team!

@josh - yeah, ST. Have been fiddling with HA for a couple of years, but really wanted to get something quick and easy up now since my home inventory of smart devices has sky rocketed.

Either way, isn’t Sharptools still in the cloud? Even if I used a z-wave stick or the like, how would that bring more local with Sharptools?

Speaking of z-wave sticks, has it been the general consensus that the Aeotec ones are the best? Just plug into my server and go?

Yes, is a cloud solution.

Both Aeotec and Zooz make popular Z-wave sticks. The Nortek/GoControl/Linear HUSBZB-1 is popular in the US because it has both Zigbee and Z-wave radios on it. Since both Hubitat and SmartThings have z-wave chips built-in, you probably won’t see much discussion about it in those contexts, but all the above sticks seem to be popular with software-based solutions like Home Assistant, OpenHAB, and HomeSeer.