Fibaro heat controller


I have a fibaro heat controller, it supports them with the new edge driver.

Is it possible to add a fibaro heat controller to SharpTools?

Heating control, I think, is something important.

Have you tried to add it to a dashboard and then click the 3 dots to configure it and select “change layout”?
As what is it turning up on your dashboard?

The problem is that it doesn’t show up when selecting an append as it syncs SharpTool with Smarttgings

Hi Damian!
It looks like you joined just 2 days before we made the Next Gen Samsung SmartThings connection the default for new users. As such, it looks like your account is using the legacy SmartThings connection which can only authorize devices that match the set of capabilities in the lists that you mentioned. The ‘next-gen’ connection authorizes all devices regardless of their capabilities.

Since you’re relatively new to the platform, you have two options:

  1. Use the beta site where you have access to use the Next-Gen SmartThings connection alongside the legacy connection (I’ve added you to the beta group, so you have access to the beta thread with instructions)
    • We plan on introducing a tool for migrating dashboards/rules with legacy content

  2. If you don’t have robust dashboards / rules built out yet, you could deauthorize your existing SmartThings connection which would make the next-gen connection available to you.
    • This would mean manually migrating your rules/dashboards content if you have any

Works Perfect! Even my SwitchBot curtains are visible in the beta version :slight_smile: Subject settled :slight_smile:

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