Feature Request: Tile visible/invisible

I have a row of “Buttons” at the right edge of my Home dashboard. The each button loads a supporting dashboard. The “Batteries” button loads this dashboard:

Note that the battery in the lower-left corner is beginning to go South. Unless I look at that page occasionally I wouldn’t be aware of the situation.

So what I’m going to do is place a “Low Battery Alert” on the home page, probably as a small virtual switch tile adjacent to the “Batteries” button.

The tile will turn a bright color when turned ON per the action of a rule.

What I’d like to do is have the little alert tile only be visible upon detecting a low battery. The Rule Engine could do the trick: Device.Visible = True or Device.Visible = False

Any chance something like this can make it onto the “To do list” or even the “Wish” list?

Thanks for the feedback, Stan! We’ve been thinking about introducing a concept of variables to the Rule Engine and have been thinking about various ways that it might integrate with the Dashboard. I’ve noted your feedback in the context of that request.