Feature request: Show Dashboard Name

Would it be possible to display the dashboard name somewhere? Perhaps appended to the URL? Something like this:

One use: When working on a dashboard I’ll often make a working copy - and then lose track of whether I’m in the original or the copy.


Thanks for the message. I’ve noted the feedback and use case.

Is the concern primarily around needing better indication as to which dashboard you are on while you are editing?

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Josh -


I don’t edit a “known good” dashboard (Family Room), so make a copy (Family Room Copy 1) – or even additional copies as design progresses (Family Room Copy 1.1, Family Room Copy 1.2 …)- to be able to restore to a known place. When happy with the design, I rename it to the original name (Family Room). This method requires that I first make another copy of the original (Family Room Bak) so that when I rename it to the original name I don’t end up with two dashboards named Family Room – a common situation. Is the most recent the first one or the second one? Do I have Copy 1.1 loaded now – or is it Copy 1.3?

Might be better to overwrite the original Family Room name.

Anyhow, I’ve messed up a few times. The fact that I’m 85 undoubtedly contributes to my errors…


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