Feature Request: section support

I have a dashboard that I use as a master lighting dashboard. It would be nice if we could create sections in dashboards. Each section could be set to begin on new row, or begin in new column (horizontal or vertical layouts) or simply just a hard divider. Then we can put all devices for a zone in the section, and as we move between devices, they would be kept logical together.
The use case I have is I use a Label tile for my room name name, then to the right of my label, I put all the lights and switches. Each room takes up one row. When I rotate from landscape to portrait, now my labels continue where the last tile ended, meaning the labels can end up at the right and middle of the screen. Then when I go to my iPhone, with much less screen space, It is really weird looking. If I could group them, then my label would always appear to left, at the beginning of a row, and everything else would naturally flow afterwards.

Here is my panel on iPhone.

And on my soon to be wall mounted tablet


Thanks for the feedback! We’ve made note of the request.

Community feedback is one of the key drivers for what we prioritize, so we’ll leave the topic open to get a feeling for the level of community interest in the request.


+1 for this feature. A way to logically group tiles would be great. I have been trying to do it with colors but with different screens that still gets hard to quickly follow.

I believe that grouping sections is important to make dashboards easy to understand and use. I’m using titles, colors and separators to this end. “Just one more thing” would really do the trick: is it possible to expose the margin color for each tile?
This would allow a group of tiles to have a distinct border color around them.

The dashboard below uses the capabilities available now. If the margin color could be chosen separators probably wouldn’t be needed, opening up more real estate for active tiles.

Just to make sure I understand the request properly, are you looking for a border around each tile or around each section/group of tiles?

eg. Each group being something like one of the areas with a red border around it in the following:

The way I read it is to adjust the margin around the flex box that serves as the grouping.

I read the second sentence the same way. But the first sentence mentioned “for each tile”, so I just wanted to confirm. :slight_smile:

Based on Stan’s description, it sounds like he’s looking for a border. Margins are for spacing and don’t inherently have color - they just let the color behind the tile bleed through (eg. the background)… but based on his description right after the first image in his post, it sounded like he wanted some sort of “distinct border color around [the grouping]”.

What I was looking for was borders around a group of tiles. I didn’t think that looked very easy to accomplish - either by the developer or the user - so I thought a border around each tile would be a reasonable substitute. But yes - a border around a group would be ideal.


Has there been any more thought on being able to change tile borders individually for the purpose of establishing sections? I cram a lot of stuff onto my dashboards and believe this would provide a good way to logically group tiles.
Thanks for considering this.

Yes, but it hasn’t quite been prioritized yet. We’ve been thinking about a concept of ‘Themes’ that would enable you to define different ‘Styles’ for different tiles.

The idea being that Themes and their included Styles would allow a much more granular control over dashboard and tile styling that you could setup once and reuse across your dashboards.

It’s still on our list - just hasn’t quite made it to the top yet!


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