Feature Request: Picker Customisation


First time poster, long time follower. Great progress with platform I have to say, got us seriously impressed, adopting it compared to others.

One suggestion though, we’re currently using your dashboard for an office space and would love to customise picker selections in terms of name and icon. We know Classic SHM is to be deprecated soon but would love to change the picker options to something that doesn’t say or sound 'home’y)

The options with classic Smartthings app is Armed(Away) and Armed(Stay), but the latter appears as Armed(Home) while using the picker. Please see the snapshot below:

Many thanks,

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Thanks for the feedback and the kind words! I’ve noted the request.

In the meantime, you could use the individual SHM tiles rather than the picker tile as they allow for customization of the label and icons.

(On a related note, we also added the icons that are used in the SHM tile to the list of available icons should you want to use Virtual Switches to control STHM)

Thanks Josh, I checked virtual tiles, they look promising but we are already out of space, would love to sort security in single tile. User-created custom pickers perhaps ? Would be great to have picker screen other things as well.

OT: any plans for Openhab integration, API ?