Feature Request: lock number of rows and columns per dashboard

I often customize my wall mounted tablet dashboard from my PC but because the screens are different sizes, I have to adjust my web browser size until the same number of rows and columns of tiles are displayed as the wall mounted tablet.

It would be helpful if I could lock a certain dashboard to a certain number of rows, and maybe columns so that no matter what device I was using to edit that dashboard, the layout would be fixed.

Thanks for the suggestion, CJ!

I’ll leave the topic open to community feedback. We use community feedback as a key component of how we prioritize what we work on, so the more people that show interest in a topic, the more likely it is to get prioritized. :grinning:

In the meantime, one approach used by the community is to use the device toolbar in Google Chrome to simulate your desired tablet:

Check out the thread for more details including how to add custom devices if they don’t already exist in Chrome’s device toolbar.

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Oh yes, I think I was told about this trick before but it’s a weird approach and slips my mind! I’ll try and remember to do this each time!

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