Feature Request: iOS safari full screen Meta tag

(If this has already been requested, feel free to merge)

I know I can save sharptools kiosk dashboard view as a safari home screen icon but…

It limits me to the default icon provided by app.sharptools.io hence multiple dashboard homescreen icons end up looking the same.

However when using this method apple appends a web app metatag to the HTML that enables it to open in full screen which is the desired behavior.

In order to have my own custom icons I need to use iOS shortcuts app and create my own cusrom icons. Shortcuts allows to select any photo as that icon but opens the url as it is without the appended metatag as safari doesn’t have that method exposed to shortcuts.

Would be nice if the metatag would be part of the sharptools generated HTML at least when selecting view in kiosk mode?

Spec for the metatag in the following developer article by apple:

The <meta> tag for apple-mobile-web-app-capable is already included (along with an app manifest and other details) which is what enables it to be added to your homescreen from Safari and opened fullscreen like an app.

There’s likely some other limitations / restrictions of opening a web app using the Shortcuts app on iOS.

Thanks @josh - I actually figured out that if I use the Safari ‘Show Web Page’ method instead of the “Open URL’ one, I get acceptable results. In fact, it pushes an overlay window onto the screen with the dashboard and a Done button on top that just slides it away. Feels more like an OS native dashboard than an actual app which is kina neat.
Safe to close this feature request (or is it something that I do as the OP?)

I went ahead and closed it!

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